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Thursday, February 17, 2011

California DUI Laws: Felony and Misdemeanor Offenses (.08% Alcohol or Drugs)

In California, if you are driving with a blood alcohol concentration of .08% or above, or have drugs in your system, you may be charged with a DUI in court.  A DUI is a criminal offense which is charged as either a felony or a misdemeanor crime. If you, or someone you care about, have been arrested for drunk driving, it is important to immediately contact a Los Angeles DUI attorney.  A misdemeanor charge of DUI, or driving under the influence, is a serious offense which can result in fines, alcohol school, probation, community service, and jail time – even for a first time offense. A felony DUI charge may be filed in criminal court as a result of bodily injury or death resulting from a traffic collision. This offense carries the possibility of a severe state prison sentence. We understand that a DUI arrest may have devastating results, and we work aggressively to dismiss or reduce all related misdemeanor and felony charges including Possession of Illegal Drugs, Driving on a Suspended License, Hit & Run, and Reckless Driving.

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